Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Haps

"Where is my chauffeur?"
Templeton is on the mend.
The all new Psoriasis by Mazda
"Where all the other hoes at?" - Snoop

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview in Brazil

Here is a link to a interview I did last month for a Brazilian culture mag.
Click through for photos and text in Portuguese:

Here is the transcribed interview:

- How old are you and how/when did you start with photography?
I am 26 and I started shooting photos when I was 20.

- I don't know much about you, but it looks like your from California. Do you have that surf/sk8 lifestyle influence on your work? If yes, how that works and who are the guys that inspired you the most?
 I do live in California and in the epicenter of the skate and surf industry/culture. Most of my friends I hang out with and photograph are deeply involved in that culture. I think what has influenced me the most from that lifestyle is the idea of having a flexible schedule where you don't have to go into work everyday. This makes for a pretty extemporaneous existence and I feel that is how my photography works anyway, a bunch of spontaneous occurrences.

- Talk a little bit about that zine. What did you planned when you were doing that? Did you used old pics or you made photos specially for that?
Most of the pictures were taken this year. I like making observations or captions for photos on my blog and wanted to make a zine that was something like that.

- Whats your dream photo trip?
I like road trips so any trip that involves driving cross country.

- Do you use analogical or digital material to work?
I shoot in 35mm film. To me, digital is like writing in pencil and it can be erased and film is like a permanent marker that will last forever.

- Have you ever did an exhibition?
Ive been a part of group shows but my first solo exhibition is this Thursday Nov. 8th in San Francisco at Establish SF.

- Do you work for clients(labels),media, galleries? How do you work? Do you work insides studios too?
I am an independent contractor and I contribute to the Vans skate site. I bring my camera with me every where I go. Even if I am going down to the corner store that means I will have a camera around my shoulder. I find that if you forget to bring your camera somewhere 9 times out of 10 you will miss a great photo.

- 3 photographers you like.
Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb, William Eggleston

-  What kind of food you like?
I've been into seafood lately.

- Favorite camera right now?
I have been using my Konica Big Mini a lot, its a point and shoot camera. I take it out at night because it has a flash.

- Glasses?

Sun glasses

- Worst job you have ever done?
I worked on a Army base filming soldiers train in miniature cities with simulated battlefield scenarios.
I wouldn't say this was a worst job but definitely the most interesting.

- Mania?
Wrestle Mania!

- A place to visit and why?
Orange County because here we push dogs in strollers and walk babies on leashes. Is that big in Brazil too?

- What my parents said when i decided to be a photographer:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In October Ashley and I made a special trip out to the desert to see one of my favorite bands, Thee Oh Sees. They were playing at a small venue called Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown, CA. No stage, no crowd, no security and pretty much no rules. If a band that you like books a show here I would highly recommend driving out this way for an up close and personal show.
 John Dwyer goes deep in the desert.
They played in a pyramid formation with the drummer in front.
Tip: When a band starts playing and everyone starts pushing each other, that's when you make a b-line to the front.
 I hope you didn't mind my flash going off in your face.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weather changes moods

*Note: Ive been lazy and only carrying around a point and shoot camera where ever I go, so my photo quality has been suffering. This is a habit I need to break...

These photos are from a trip up to SF in early November for my "Correct Me If I'm Wrong" show.
Went to the B.A.M. to check out the mega Barry McGee exhibition.
 Looks like Barry had some fun with this epic space.
 Detail from his photo collage wall bulge.
 Quite the quiver of old shaped boards.
Ashley already made a way better post about this show so go check it out.
All my dogs came out to see me on my opening night at Establish.
"Yeah but is it organic?"
Carl and Rob contemplate beer before the Thomas Campbell book release at Mollusk.
 Matt Rodriguez, Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero jammed out during the overcrowded T-Moss book release. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Grouper Show

Attention youngsters, hipsters, olds, beach bums, skate rats, and art nerds of Orange County! 
Are you tired of being stuck indoors durning the rain this weekend watching Netfilx with your significant other?
Well then dust off your funny hat and fancy boots and check out this epic group show in Seal Beach on Saturday night.
I will have some photos on display and I will also be playing some live music with Carl. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sarcastic Shaka

Leo puts on his guitar face and lights up the place...
...while Chris stomps out the flames.
Kevin helps Chris become stage ready.
Bradford almost forgot he was married.
Carl and the Dolphin in San O.
Missionary fighting position.
"Lets tapout at the same time."
"Mmm sa'good"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Egg Smell Eternity

A couple months worth of this and that...
The misfortune teller.
"My crystal ball reveals some bacne in your near future."
"The King" my closet .
Skreech dreams of slaying dragons.
Fuck mixed media, these artists work with social media.
Ed Templeton and Cheryl Dunn.
Ed's dartboard and a Rowley portrait on a t-shirt.
The all seeing iPhone.
David Gonzales celebrates after beating skateboarding like a video game.
Matt Bennett sattles up on this wheel chair cool teacher style.
"Mr. Bennett?"
"Call me Matt"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beach Goth

Spooky shots from The Growlers Beach Goth show at the Observatory OC Oct 19th.
Sucking your face and your soul.
 Apparently it was a costume party but I didn't get the memo, neither did this guy.
All ages shows are pretty wild. 
"Take that school night!"
Dead is the new skinny.
Desperate attempts to get into the sold out show.
The Summer Twins were delightful. Black Swan was nailing it on the drums.
This dude was in character as the guy from Weekend at Bernies.
Fog machines are a cameras worst enemy.
The Growlers received a warm welcome from their home crowd.
 I came to the show to party, not shoot photos so this was more or less a shot to say "I was there man!"
Check out Captain Soncho's photos from the show or take a look back at when I shot The Growlers in March.
Body surf'n a sea of high schoolers.
 "Lets make plaid babies."
Life's a drag when you're goth.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Zine!

New companion zine for my show "Correct Me If I'm Wrong"
Edition of 40
24 Pages
Lazer copied
Signed and numbered