Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview in Brazil

Here is a link to a interview I did last month for a Brazilian culture mag.
Click through for photos and text in Portuguese: http://oesquema.com.br/kakaos/2012/11/05/kaos-de-grant-hatfield/

Here is the transcribed interview:

- How old are you and how/when did you start with photography?
I am 26 and I started shooting photos when I was 20.

- I don't know much about you, but it looks like your from California. Do you have that surf/sk8 lifestyle influence on your work? If yes, how that works and who are the guys that inspired you the most?
 I do live in California and in the epicenter of the skate and surf industry/culture. Most of my friends I hang out with and photograph are deeply involved in that culture. I think what has influenced me the most from that lifestyle is the idea of having a flexible schedule where you don't have to go into work everyday. This makes for a pretty extemporaneous existence and I feel that is how my photography works anyway, a bunch of spontaneous occurrences.

- Talk a little bit about that zine. What did you planned when you were doing that? Did you used old pics or you made photos specially for that?
Most of the pictures were taken this year. I like making observations or captions for photos on my blog and wanted to make a zine that was something like that.

- Whats your dream photo trip?
I like road trips so any trip that involves driving cross country.

- Do you use analogical or digital material to work?
I shoot in 35mm film. To me, digital is like writing in pencil and it can be erased and film is like a permanent marker that will last forever.

- Have you ever did an exhibition?
Ive been a part of group shows but my first solo exhibition is this Thursday Nov. 8th in San Francisco at Establish SF.

- Do you work for clients(labels),media, galleries? How do you work? Do you work insides studios too?
I am an independent contractor and I contribute to the Vans skate site. I bring my camera with me every where I go. Even if I am going down to the corner store that means I will have a camera around my shoulder. I find that if you forget to bring your camera somewhere 9 times out of 10 you will miss a great photo.

- 3 photographers you like.
Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb, William Eggleston

-  What kind of food you like?
I've been into seafood lately.

- Favorite camera right now?
I have been using my Konica Big Mini a lot, its a point and shoot camera. I take it out at night because it has a flash.

- Glasses?

Sun glasses

- Worst job you have ever done?
I worked on a Army base filming soldiers train in miniature cities with simulated battlefield scenarios.
I wouldn't say this was a worst job but definitely the most interesting.

- Mania?
Wrestle Mania!

- A place to visit and why?
Orange County because here we push dogs in strollers and walk babies on leashes. Is that big in Brazil too?

- What my parents said when i decided to be a photographer:

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