Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wipe the crust from your eyes

A belated post from Ed Templeton's "Memory Foam" opening last month.
An attendee absorbs the Memory Foam photos with his comically small Zoolander camera.
Got to meet up with my NY photo bros Josh Elan and Andreas Laszlo Konrath who by chance got to see Ed's show. They were in town to shoot the cast of Silver Lining Playbook but Jenifer Lawrence canceled, word on the street is that she's a bitch.
The famous Nolan Hall in action.
Like moths flock to light, crust punks flock to freebees.
Only assholes and blind people wear sunglasses at night.
Let the portable Portlandia commence.
"Are those fair trade certified organic arabica beans bro?"
You're in my shot Cro-mag!
Crust chariots.
Back inside a dude flies the Toy flag over their nappy roots.
Somewhere out of frame Templeton sighs...
 Someone unfurled one of their crust dreads for a some 'performance art' jump rope.
Me: Is this what you guys do on Saturdays?
Crust: We don't like to discriminate between days.
Here we go...
Looks like Cheshire brought he game face...
 ...and her birthday suit.
Post rope butt adjustment.

This is all Rob's posse had to say about the night. 

P.S. Not psyched on my camera.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Down but not out.

Found some scrap photos from my first point and shoot camera (minus the Leo one.) It was a Olympus Stylus, I ended up giving it to Captain Soncho.
Leo shares a rare tender moment.
 Sweet bike tweak bro.
Superman huh? 
More like pooperman...wamp waaa.
Diamonds look good on everything, even swastikas.
Beauty mask...the beauty comes afterwards.