Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rain or Shine RVCA UK part 3

Here is the photo version of the crumbs at the bottom of the Doritos bag
Funnel these into your eyes
On the way to the signing / demo in Nottingham we passed through Springfield.
That and Cockfosters gets me every time
 The writing is on the wall...
...or is it?
Scheduled signature and selfie session 
On our train ride home was fun, we had a whole car to ourselves
Josh and Harry talking about maracas probably (judging by Harry's arms)
It rained on our last day so we found shelter and stoke at this classic under the bridge spot
Luckily there was a smooth new park connected to this concrete dinosaur
 We cut our skate day short for a cultural enlightenment cram sesh at the Tate Modern
We got there with less than an hour until closing

The 3rd floor of the Tate overlooking the River Thames and Saint Paul's Cathedral 
I was tripping on this Willam Eggleston For Now book that I had never seen at the gift shop
Dear Santa...
 After the Tate we went to a video premiere at the House of Vans behind the Waterloo Station 
It was a perfect last day to end the trip on
Thank you RVCA, London for the good weather, Virgin for on-demand movies, Guinness and the Sunday roast 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Rain or Shine RVCA UK Part 2

New photos from the old world continued...
Josh cools his whiskers with a frothy head of Guinness
 Kingston, London, not bad
 We we're stoked to meet up with the scholarly new Londoner Robert K. Straser
He tagged along for the Kingston stop of the tour
We stripped the paint off of this strip mall
We made the kids beanies sag off their head
We went to Waterloo Station a lot so naturally Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks was whistled all day
 Put some pants on your ugly baby
 The food spots at the train stations were insanely nice 
If they had the same stuff here in CA people would make a big deal about it and there would be lines and shit 
 Sainsbury aka Stain Berry
 Let the skate porn commence
Oh.....I so would!
 Grind the whole thing?
 There was a good 5 spots tucked in this courtyard
We were there all day
 Time really flew by here (I went there)
The golden light painted the faces of the future 
Full frontal rock by Josh Harmony Fall 2014 

Once the sun lowered some sketchy locals started rolling through

 The next day we met up at Saint Paul's Cathedral at 12
The bells chimed for what seemed like 30 minutes at 12 o'clock
 Didrick pays the double decker bus toll
 Live from the mean streets
Cheese grater roll up to tetanus bar 
 Rob reminds the people of London that he still has IT
 After stumbling upon a crow bar Josh transforms into a psychopath...
 ...and takes out our guide Jacob
"Another brick bank spot?! I said bump to bar!!!"
 Wireless is more
 King of the Hill Kevin Long
Right after this picture was taken we ate at one of the best falafel places ever 
Until next time...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rain or Shine RVCA UK Part 1

iPhone snaps from my 11 day trip to London and surrounding cities while on the RVCA Rain or Shine UK tour
 Josh has the pre-flight blues
Luckily there's a prescription for that song
 Inflight entertainment on Virgin is always on point
 We had a few hotel jam ups upon arrival
It was a long travel day
 We started our first real day with a little Jeremy Leabres Re-Education
When he watches this does it mean he's Re-Re-Educated?
 The first spot was a kick ass DIY bike park...yeah, a bike park
A lot of it was fucked since BMXers dont care how smooth the 'crete is but there was definitely some sweet spots 
 Josh tailblocks for the boys
 Not a bad speedway
 Lots of funky wave action
 Deedz can hop around on any terrain 
 Leabres too!
I see lots of hangtime in his future
 Meanwhile at Meanwhile 
 The darkness couldn't keep us from sliding around in this ancient crusty dish
 Many nationalities represented in our thick crew
I loved seeing the reaction on the faces of all the tube riders when we board the train
Lots of eye brow raising and upturned noses

 "Dude, get it?!"
 Inventing games to pass the time
 Certain death
 A bank oasis in a unassuming basketball court
This really says fall
I have always enjoyed using the tube 
 I witnessed one of the greatest kick flips ever by Jeremy Leabres 
Then the cops kinda reluctantly kicked us out shortly after this
"I guess we have to ask you to leave...sorry guys, I want to see you do the move but we got a complaint"
Cops are a different breed out there
 People either hated skateboarding and would curse you out on the street or they were absolutely amazed by this guy
It was nice to have a few street beers with your bros and terrorize the city on my birthday.