Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Santa Bro-Brah

Photos from last months trip to Santa Barbara.
Motorboat by Monet
The 1 chihuahua that was cool.
 "duuuuur MUSKA!"
 Tender moments on the pier. Brought to you by my hair.
 Unapologetic loitering
 Cat luring on the way to the show
 Belle & Sebastian
Suzuki Tripod
 We pitched a tent at Montana de Oro
 See that spec between those two quails?
That was the cutest thing that I have ever seen
 I just read about a shark encounter here
 Its more of a looking beach than a swim beach anyways
 Shit was dangerous
 No risk no reward evidence
The children to bros ratio was askew at the Cayucos ramp, still fun.
 Now Ashley had to get some...
 Swing tweak'n
 Gull teasing
 The pinnacle of stoke
 We slept on a downhill.
The next morning we saw these fools and then went home.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Digital detritus

 Still living in July via my iPhone...
Sorry, all of my film shots are going toward a worthy cause right now.
Always digging for gold.
 I saved this Anole from Carl's cat
 Yes please!
 Too big for a stroller, too fat to walk.
 Sans kooks
 The lines were forming
 Ashley got barreled by Chris Johanson's "Within the River of Time Is My Mind"
Johanson at the MOCA
 Celebrate our independence by drinking Mexican beer!
 BYOBig inflatable fucking beer
 Finger always on the trigger
 A century's worth of bloom
 Side boob of the decade! 
Well...make that 6 decades.
 No fucks given
 Lost and found
Hiking some asshole millionaire's property in Rancho Palos Verdes

 I love seeing
 Epic evening on the HB, no wind, no crowed, no board...
Cue me doing the same thing as the dog in the top photo.
 Your hourly cure
 New ink
 "Da fuck?"
 Kevin legally embracing his young fans.
 "I'm still chomping that!"

 A wise inVESTment?
 Cool covers part 1
Cool covers part 2
 Only children
 Duvet detritus
 Sorry for sharing
Palate cleanser
One of my favorite Simpsons moments.