Tuesday, June 24, 2014

101 Things Part 1

On road with Travesura in Oregon back in January
Leo instinctively heads for the water fully clothed
Meanwhile a Hager quarrel is settled in their traditional manner...
... in sudden death
 Leo soul searching
looking for soul food on yelp
 Leo goes Americas Funniest Home Videos while I try and go Cartier-Bresson
Neither we're close
 Mark and mic gather some sonic texture
Travesura giving of some serious CSNY vibes
Quick! punch that hippie disk
 We stopped at the drive thru tree with a bonus hair pin hill bomb
Cody bursts through the invisible ribbon
 Jared spins his lid for maximum velocity 
 Leo goes double falconer stance
Continued in Part 2

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alternative Universe Part 2

We pick up right were we left off at Burgerama III live from Orange County with an expired roll of Kodak Portra NC 400
"OMG the Growlers"
Matt Taylor on the invisible turntables
 Brooks, Anthony and Matt prepare to lower Stonehenge
 Virgina Slim re-bake
Costa Mesa creatives Dom and Taylor
"Dude, this is our scene"
The cheap seats (aka the best seats in the house) behind the fence
 Edgar Obrand makes cool shit
Bad behavior was encouraged but was not rewarded 
End of day 1
 Alex Knost (Tomorrows Tulips) unpacks his sonic suitcase 
"I've never listened to Sonic Youth"
 Bass slapper Ford Archbold checks his notes
Meta visuals via Dompatrol
Brooks' LA Looks
Future mosh victims
The Cosmonauts, always ripping
Drinking the kool-aid
I got my fortune read
"You will have a headache later"
Lookbook famous, Irie and Delon
Ford and Matt get the urge to herbal on the beanbag
Burgerama, a place to let your freak flags fly at full mast 
Meanwhile inside
The heavy "runt-junt" of doom metal gods Sleep
This created a confusing mosh pit of stoners...
...and headbangers
Can't we all just get a bong?

The End

Monday, June 9, 2014

Alternative Universe Part 1

Day 1 of Burgerama III at the Observatory OC in Santa Ana, CA
After the Vans skate park opening in Huntington Beach, CA I rolled over to check out the center of the alternative universe, Burgerama III, with my Deadbeat Club partner in crime Nolan Hall
 Hands free fry insertion 
(because of the radiation)
Ample chill spots near the Burgerama main stage in the parking lot
 Beach Goth Parking Lot
 A backpack full of don't give a fuck
...and maybe acne medication
Burger teens seen in their natural habitat grazing the web
 The third wheel parks it 
"Keep your eyes up and don't look through the screen door"
Rest assured there were still some freaks
Don't get too close, its contagious
hi mom staying l8 @ school 2 study w/  Kayla luv u
Dude unhinges his jaw to scarf grimace proportions while his girlfriend gets second hand heartburn
Adolescent leopards kneel on the Great Indie Plains as they inhale foraged cool sticks
WebMD search: Why is my back so itchy?
 Gravity got you down?
Lift your spirits with a Popsicle
Fumble at the kegger
Foamy PBR for all
No more beer for this kid
Continued in Part 2...