Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rain or Shine RVCA UK part 3

Here is the photo version of the crumbs at the bottom of the Doritos bag
Funnel these into your eyes
On the way to the signing / demo in Nottingham we passed through Springfield.
That and Cockfosters gets me every time
 The writing is on the wall...
...or is it?
Scheduled signature and selfie session 
On our train ride home was fun, we had a whole car to ourselves
Josh and Harry talking about maracas probably (judging by Harry's arms)
It rained on our last day so we found shelter and stoke at this classic under the bridge spot
Luckily there was a smooth new park connected to this concrete dinosaur
 We cut our skate day short for a cultural enlightenment cram sesh at the Tate Modern
We got there with less than an hour until closing

The 3rd floor of the Tate overlooking the River Thames and Saint Paul's Cathedral 
I was tripping on this Willam Eggleston For Now book that I had never seen at the gift shop
Dear Santa...
 After the Tate we went to a video premiere at the House of Vans behind the Waterloo Station 
It was a perfect last day to end the trip on
Thank you RVCA, London for the good weather, Virgin for on-demand movies, Guinness and the Sunday roast 

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