Monday, December 3, 2012

Weather changes moods

*Note: Ive been lazy and only carrying around a point and shoot camera where ever I go, so my photo quality has been suffering. This is a habit I need to break...

These photos are from a trip up to SF in early November for my "Correct Me If I'm Wrong" show.
Went to the B.A.M. to check out the mega Barry McGee exhibition.
 Looks like Barry had some fun with this epic space.
 Detail from his photo collage wall bulge.
 Quite the quiver of old shaped boards.
Ashley already made a way better post about this show so go check it out.
All my dogs came out to see me on my opening night at Establish.
"Yeah but is it organic?"
Carl and Rob contemplate beer before the Thomas Campbell book release at Mollusk.
 Matt Rodriguez, Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero jammed out during the overcrowded T-Moss book release. 

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