Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beach Goth

Spooky shots from The Growlers Beach Goth show at the Observatory OC Oct 19th.
Sucking your face and your soul.
 Apparently it was a costume party but I didn't get the memo, neither did this guy.
All ages shows are pretty wild. 
"Take that school night!"
Dead is the new skinny.
Desperate attempts to get into the sold out show.
The Summer Twins were delightful. Black Swan was nailing it on the drums.
This dude was in character as the guy from Weekend at Bernies.
Fog machines are a cameras worst enemy.
The Growlers received a warm welcome from their home crowd.
 I came to the show to party, not shoot photos so this was more or less a shot to say "I was there man!"
Check out Captain Soncho's photos from the show or take a look back at when I shot The Growlers in March.
Body surf'n a sea of high schoolers.
 "Lets make plaid babies."
Life's a drag when you're goth.

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