Sunday, April 15, 2012

NO AGE and The Growlers in Tempe, AZ

A belated film and digital overkill from last month's PHX AM all ages after party at the Yucca Tap room in Tempe, AZ. 
We arrived a little late and missed The Goat perform, whatever, but I was lucky enough to catch the Growlers.
Ive never had the opportunity to see the Growlers play even though they are a local band from where I live.
They sure riled Collin up.
A tidal wave of reverb. 
I'm back'n em.
After the Growlers wrapped it was time to locate the bros.
Looks like Dan Lu made friends with Jerry Hsu.
Atiba had an arsenal of babes at his disposal...pretty sure he disposed of them.
 I caught some homoerotic behavior near the port-a-pottys.
They asked what I was shooting for.
"The Vans blog." I replied.
I think this sobered them up since they pleaded with me to delete this photo.
Caught back up with Atiba to peep an erotic photo text from a foodie friend.
No stone ground mustard? Psssh.
 John Cardiel aka DJ Juan Love was spinning some reggae between bands.
 There he is... spinnin'...
...while Randy from NO AGE sets up.
A little eye contact with Dean and then it was on.
The intensity was kicked up a couple of notches compared to the other bands.
The kids where going nuts.
They pushed the barrier over and started crowding the stage.
 Shouting out song requests.
Headbanging the homework out of their heads.
Some even took flight. 
This guy used the security as a launch ramp.
The boys played flawlessly through it all.
This girls head almost fell off.
The freaks loved every second of it.
Teen hearts were filled with joy...
...and Twenty-somethings were filled with alcohol.
 Everybody wins!
Security tried their best to contain the riled youth.
 A couple of crazies slipped through the cracks during the last few songs and flopped like fish on stage.
 After the show the kids were nice enough to help break down the tent.
The people who didn't make it in still tried their best to party like the rest of us.
Garbage was everywhere after the dust settled.
A lucky fan got a private serenade from Randy after the show.
And the rest where swept away into the steamy Arizona night.

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  1. These are epic Grant! I like the grit of the black and whites, awesome. Make another zine already, and send it to me!