Friday, October 25, 2013

Theres a rave at my beach!

I heard there was gonna be a rave on the beach, I had high hopes for some photos of classic rave FREAKS but all I got was sand on my binky.
Such a fog
 "Give me your fish ya twerp!"
 Down on the bike path things started to look promising as Devin and I walked from the pier to Brookhurst.
 "How do they expect us to drum circle to these electronic beats?!"
 Molly induced grindage along the rave perimeter
 Back stage was fulled stocked with a pallet of Monster energy. 
Looks like some criddler tried to claw under the fence to reach to rave juice.
 Turns out Wet Electric was denied a liquor license so it became Dry Electric
I spy a small man
 Brought out the big guns to capture the twerk
 Some ravettes tease the sqaures on the outside of the fence who couldnt make it in
"too bad you cant have all this"
 Devin with his bag bro
 high (heel) maintenance
 The bike path was a nice mixture of sun scorched riverbed dwellers, inappropriate moms and rave shrapnel
 I heard a dub step version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" played right around this point. 
Nirvana for some, hell for others.
 Some seem to have lost their friends
 FYI you have none!
More rave shrapnel
 I'm starting to see a pattern in the male attendees
 Locals were not amused
"God damn kids and their drum and bass know the Doors didn't even have a bass!"
 fro sho
Back at Devin's pad he made his cat Matilda rave and she hated it.
Moral of the the story, raves are for tents and warehouses in the 90s.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fuck Yeah Fest Fest

FYF Fest aka Fuck Yeah Fest Fest
Held at the LA historic parking lot
 After Ashley got hassled at the gate for bringing in a digital camera (c'mon fuckers! everyone has a camera on their phone) we managed to catch the second half of Ty Segall's acoustic set
 Saw Buzz Osborne from the Melvins just cruising around the crowd
Now trending: The poodle fade
We had 2 hours to kill for the next band so we people watched and passed the time counting kids wearing circular glasses and oversize denim jackets
 Thee Oh Sees shut day one down for us
I must admit it was pretty cool being onstage for Thee Oh Sees and have two of my favorite bands, White Fence and the Ty Segall Band, standing next to me
 Day 2 we rolled with the Templetons
Just inside the gate Ed was spotted by a fan for a photo and Ashley was spotted by a style blog for a photo. For Ed, this turned into a contest to see who has their photo taken the most today.
 "Yes, yes! have....THE LOOK"
 Guess the band?
Los Angeles' very own, NO AGE
 1,000 fingers heading toward your ass to "help"
A friend saw us on stage and sent me this
 Ed amuses a fan and kindly grants him some selfie time
 Ashely sneaks in for the photo bomb
 The high-waisted highway
For theatrics we went over to the epilepsy tent for one song. Turns out the joke was on us because one song lasts for FUCKING HOURS!
 Ashley has had enough dust and feedback for one day and was on the verge of being "hangry"
"Pssh so lame, I didnt even get to touch Devendra Banhart's dream catcher....take that tree!"
Festival shrapnel was scattered in a 2 mile radius
 Cue any Red Hot Chili Peppers song... thought this was gonna end without a vegan dinner Tempster style?!
Thanks for the good times and the new food spot....that I forgot the name of
Just google: vegan food echo park

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catalina, bitch!

Back in August we went to Catalina, here is the proof
The perks of doctor Newman
 Nature and shit right off the boat!
 First stop was brunch by the casino amongst the lobster faced bar locals
We got hooked up with a boat and headed out to sea where Griffin displayed his Catalina shorts
 Yes, there were girlfriends present. This is just a side effect of the island
 First stop is always Frog Rock, Tempster style
 I "kaa-kaaaawd" at the kayak
We then sat off the coast enjoying the compromised beauty of the island, drinking our Tecates, just as Juan Cabrillo did 450 years ago.
 Carl executes a flawless flying squirrel
 Then Ashley took the wheel in search of a sandy beach with no waves
 Griffin had some beef with a local
Then things got weird and we had to leave him behind