Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 M E G A   P O S T !
Ty played a sold out show for his home crowd in Orange County last month at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.
Touring for his third album of 2012 called Twins.
Ty really whipped the crowd into a frenzy.
Kids couldn't contain themselves and rushed the stage.
Some tough-guy bouncer pile drove some poor teenage waif off the stage and into the crowd. This caught everyone's attention.
"We're done if you pull that shit again"
After that it was pretty much no rules.
 "C'mon babe we're crowd surfing."
Stage divers colliding in mid air.
Girls getting their shirts ripped off.
 The teens were there to digitally absorb it all.
The band caried on unfazed by all the stage divers and dancers.
Big guys...
Shirtless bros...
First timers...
Dudes in drag. 
Actually it's Fletcher from The Garden.
"Dude I'm peaking so hard!"
The eye of the teenage hurricane.
"Here's my bra Ty... now do me!"
"I want a slaughterhouse so I can kill the pigs!"
The energy was high, this guy was higher.
Emily Rose Epstein kept the beat.
She used to intern at Thrasher Mag I hear...who's the Thrasher now?
...she plays barefoot too.
The stage turned into a house party show.
"Bunch of fuck'n long hairs!"
Charles Moothart delivers the Fuzz.
Sabbath encore.
Wave Goodbye!
A special thank you to Burger Records.
"I tweaked my wrist doing the devil horns."

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