Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catalina, bitch!

Back in August we went to Catalina, here is the proof
The perks of doctor Newman
 Nature and shit right off the boat!
 First stop was brunch by the casino amongst the lobster faced bar locals
We got hooked up with a boat and headed out to sea where Griffin displayed his Catalina shorts
 Yes, there were girlfriends present. This is just a side effect of the island
 First stop is always Frog Rock, Tempster style
 I "kaa-kaaaawd" at the kayak
We then sat off the coast enjoying the compromised beauty of the island, drinking our Tecates, just as Juan Cabrillo did 450 years ago.
 Carl executes a flawless flying squirrel
 Then Ashley took the wheel in search of a sandy beach with no waves
 Griffin had some beef with a local
Then things got weird and we had to leave him behind

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