Thursday, May 30, 2013


Peep the latest Hamburger Eyes MEGA ZINE!
I have some photos in this issue (top left) along with other cool bros like David and Ray Potes and Nolan Hall.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ear Worm / Eye Candy

Some rad bands that I've had the pleasure of seeing these past few months.
 King Khan & BBQ Show at Slims in San Francisco.
Part punk rock part doo-wop part stand up comedy.
Mark Sultan aka BBQ belted out his vocals over all the crunch and jangle.
They played the PHX AM after party...
...and riled the long hairs into a mosh pit frenzy.
I thought you guys were mellow stoners?
Even the lady from Cowtown got into the action.
They let the T.P. fly and skate or die.
I was lucky enough to catch Ty Segall play a solo show on 4/20 while I was up in SF.
This was a new venue called The Chapel, a pretty classy joint so there was more adults than kids. Ty got shocked by his mic in the middle of a song so he took his sock off and stuck it over the mic and continued the rest of the night.
Consider your head...banged!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A demontration of Bro Style

Fanatic frank fellatio.
 Texting casualty.
 "I brought my dog as an offering for the demo gods"
 Who are these "haters" and why does everyone love them?
Hager on the high dive at Collin's pad.
Stationary wave in front of the garage.
 "S P L A S H!"

Monday, May 13, 2013

SF? We just call it "the city" Part 2

 Johnny Tsunami
 We'll hog tie your Shih tzu.
 King Khan & BBQ Show at Slims.
Best show I've seen all year.
 Me: "Feed each other blueberries"
Miri and Jordon: "Nom nom nom"
 I don't care-a-van.
 The GMC Oxidator
Bring your bong to the bongo circle day.
 Last seen in a stroller with no boyfriend.
 Stoner ground zero. Hippie Hill, Golden Gate park 4/20.
"So high my pants are low dawg."
Fairy tale showdown.
 Ty! Ty! Ty!
 One man band trashcan caveman reverb stomp.
He covered Spinal Tap, Cream, Captain Beefheart and also playing some other early stuff.
...Dat Silvertone amp doe!
Surfer and sidewalk surfer unite.
This cat Fin runs Noriega St.
The Floating bush that was edited out of the bible.
 Your dog now had pigeon AIDS.
 Warning! a fucked up mosquito for your girlfriends hair.
It was a slug bug fest on the way home.

So long iPhone posts, back to our regularly scheduled film posts later this week.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SF? We just call it "the city" Part 1

iPhone photos from last months trip to SF. 
That's San Francisco for all you newbies and foreigners.
Man and Dolphin as one.
No detours for nature on the information super highway.
 Signs of spring were visible through Northern Ventura.
 Here is the aforementioned Dolphin. You were confused huh?
She's a 1978 Toyota Dolphin.
 We were greeted by Kai's sad eyes in the morning and tried our best to cheer him up with a song.
 Cool shit was already everywhere.
 Over at Establish Erica and Sara tease animals with favorite pastime.
Ohh fwhaaaa? Ok now we're in San Francisco.
 Here's the artist Carl Newman contemplating his show's arrangement.
 Jordon and Carl level up.
 Visit Establish for more cool stuff like this!
 "I love and I live primitive."
....ya'll want some chocolate?"
 Nom Nom Nom
 Always close the lid on babies in tubs.
 Do people still shotgun beers? You guys are dorks.
 Covetable kitchen table.
 Jordon's collection of old people skateboards.
 We were lucky to get some epic beach weather while we were up in the Sunset, not a cloud in the sky.
Being from southern California we really didn't notice.
 Sangria and grill pregame for the opening.
 All my dawgs were ready to roll.
 The hot dog struggle.
 All of Carl's pieces fit right in with the shop's aesthetic.
 I neglected to shoot photos during the opening. Not pictured: A butt load of people, free beer and BBQ, girls talking to Carl, a couple of dildos who wore suits and Carl and I payed a short set of music to show off his custom guitar he built for the show.
Part two coming Friday...