Monday, May 13, 2013

SF? We just call it "the city" Part 2

 Johnny Tsunami
 We'll hog tie your Shih tzu.
 King Khan & BBQ Show at Slims.
Best show I've seen all year.
 Me: "Feed each other blueberries"
Miri and Jordon: "Nom nom nom"
 I don't care-a-van.
 The GMC Oxidator
Bring your bong to the bongo circle day.
 Last seen in a stroller with no boyfriend.
 Stoner ground zero. Hippie Hill, Golden Gate park 4/20.
"So high my pants are low dawg."
Fairy tale showdown.
 Ty! Ty! Ty!
 One man band trashcan caveman reverb stomp.
He covered Spinal Tap, Cream, Captain Beefheart and also playing some other early stuff.
...Dat Silvertone amp doe!
Surfer and sidewalk surfer unite.
This cat Fin runs Noriega St.
The Floating bush that was edited out of the bible.
 Your dog now had pigeon AIDS.
 Warning! a fucked up mosquito for your girlfriends hair.
It was a slug bug fest on the way home.

So long iPhone posts, back to our regularly scheduled film posts later this week.

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