Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live! From Hell (Phoenix)

Phone photos from Phoenix.
Griffin prepares his cool guy team manager wear for the desert.
Old fogey and a stogie.
"Ive seen some shit in my day"
People of Wal-Mart / People of Phoenix (slow on the photo trigger)
"Do it for theatrics...and the web!"
Rowan and Dan Lu syncronize.
Team manager love.
Spectator surge.
John Fitzgerald delivers some horizontal hurt to the vertical wall.

Curly hair don't care.
People of Phoenix.

Centerfold inspiration in the athlete's domicile.
Black Lips played the after party. 
Shout-out to The Marquee Theater in Tempe for being the worst venue.
John, Rowan and Kyle of Vans fame all qualified.
The winners...some dude from Phoenix, a Brazilian and possibly a Canadian.
Rooftop serenade at the Clarendon.
Mama Lutheran and Griffin share their recursive love.
Triple slow dance into the sunset was the only way to say goodbye to Phoenix.
Emotions were still high in the morning before the long drive west.
Allergy fest '13
Dirt devil casualties.
All 29 palms in Twenty Nine Palms, CA are dead.
Fully Phoenixed.
'Nam was hell.
Rowan Zorilla.
Great name.
Welcome to Riverside, CA.
Stay hard!

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