Thursday, June 27, 2013

You are here.

Things that were worthy of a photo from the past few months.
 Charcoal a-hole
 Your hashtag for half price
Fo sho
 J-skid Jellystone
 Rock jump prospects in the Sequoias.
 More day tripping
 Pappy ghost rips his corn cob pizzo.
 New desires
 Found this in our new place.
Dinner time rituals at Carl's
 "His clock just stopped tick'n, now hes doing laps in heaven."
 Fully automatic
 Our neighbors cat "Tabatha" makes contact with the outside world.
 Sometimes dudes take selfies when no girls are around.
 Dan Lu. Thrill seeker.
Relieving childhood urges
 Top of the food chain machismo
 Straser executes a flamingo
 "Do you have reservations?"
 You are here.
 My favorite kind of light.
"...but are there gonna be chicks there?!"
"Yeah dude, I already told you"
 Bringing out the good shit.
 Stucco silhouettes
 'nuff said
Dakota documents a new move, the Layton grind.

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