Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Years

A desert get away to Palm Springs last month for our 5 year anniversary.
 My one and only in a one piece.
Pool side essentials: Shade, Game of Thrones and Pimm's Cup.
The scribe of a scab.
 Over to Indian Canyon for a morning hike before the thermometer hit 100.
Panoramic views of the a
 Ashley check out the wikiup.
 Last time I came here this was filled with water.
 We took the tram up to Mt. San Jacinto. I have been to Palm Springs dozens of times and never did this before.
 While at the top Ashley lived out her Game of Thrones fantasy.
 Looking down toward the mid-century mecca. 
Made a stop at a botanical garden on the way out of town...
 ...Where plants where making a break for it.
 No shit.
 This place was filled with blog fodder and outfit photo gold.
 "Box turtle!" I said excited about my pun
"No actually its..."
Fuck you.
This little guy will outlive us all.

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