Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Badlands

 A weekday hike in the Anza / Borrego Desert to Palm Canyon.
 The bread crumb trail to the oasis.
 The riches of Palm Canyon.
 Up the hamster bridge...
 I brought my dawgs Jordon and Carl along for trail companionship.
 My pops rewards his feet for their hard work.
 I found a nice flat rock and made like a lizard and lounged.
 The view down trail.
Great, another reflection photo. Teetering on outside the box...
Some cacti and Ocotillo along the trail.
Onward to Arroyo Tapiado to explore the mud caves.
 Some Indiana Jones look'n shit.
 This place had an other worldly vibe. I though a Tusken Raider was gonna pop out for sure.
 The arroyo where we camped was devoid of any wildlife and eerily quiet except for the low flying military helicopters.
 Mr. Clawmanner was tending to the fire and honoring the Hager way.
Beers cracked, chips dipped, constellations admired, pallets burned and the fire was poked till midnight.

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  1. that hike looked pretty awesome! have a great week!!!