Monday, July 25, 2011

Pink Motel, Vintage Cute

I lurked along on a mission out to the freak'n valley to check out a function going on at the Pink Motel.
Thankfully I was equipped with color film.
The kids were all dressed up in garb that was acceptable when they were fetuses.
The coping was littered with distractions.
"Whats all that racket?"
Punk's not dead, just sore.


  1. 1980's period pool jam with babes?
    youre killin me with the "punks not dead" line.
    i had to wipe saliva from the screen after my laugh spasm.

  2. 3rd picture down, is that dude in the red polo the one from black lips?

  3. Its possible. Some band was shooting a music video, he could have been friends with the band.

  4. im diggin the lurker at the window. yeah thats jarred from the black lips! cool.