Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Olds of OC

Millie tries to blend her liver spots in with a fresh tan.
"Do you know of Paris Hilton? Isn't she just darling?"
This parking job has old written all over it.
Milton takes his indoor horse on a stroll with his poo bag close at hand.


  1. Grant you not going to believe this, but "Milton" once told me a dirty joke in the Starbucks right there on Main St. out of nowhere! I don't even know him. Love the post. Glad I'm not in it!

  2. I just realized I didn't check my spelling and forgot to add an r to you in the beginning.

  3. Deanna, you are so a young!

    That dude looks like a walking dirty joke.

  4. i'd hate being your grandparent, no love whatsoever for the old timers!