Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Lausanne-geles

 The gang and I took a day trip up to the hilly city of Lausanne.
 Weird things greeted us instantly.
Up to the Lausanne Cathedral for a panoramic view of the city.
 Seats for the sinners.
We're not here to pray, we're here to play.
From our cathedral perch.
Down in the thick of it.
 A fine example of a classic Swiss fountain that is not only decorative...
...but multi-functioning.
Here Ed laps up the Evian that flows from all faucets here.
 The background for a Milk Teeths photo shoot.
 Ashley's mandatory macaroon stop. Judging by the store front you'd think they specialized in bath products.
Deanna giving Ed the look for fiddling with his iToy.
Ashley already having macaroon withdraws.
 I wonder what kind of weird cities Europeans laugh at when they come to the states. 
 About to switch from Au Revoir to Ciao.
 We sliced through some Alps on the way out.
Off to another Euro city.

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  1. I love Stefan Sagmeister! I saw him give a talk once about his work and he was so funny. Later on I stood nervously beside him having a pint too star struck to think of anything to say. Duh!

    p.s. Tell Ashley to skip the lauduree shop in Paris. Ridiculous queues, obnoxious customers, you can't pick what you want because some dufus is shoving his way past you. I almost paid €26 for a lauduree cocktail in the bar too. Double Duh! Thank god cop on prevailed and we went to a small bar round the corner and I bought 5 beers instead!