Friday, May 13, 2011

Berlin There Done That

Ed ponders the romance of decay on the way to a photo exhibition during our first day in Berlin.
The blocks and wood kinda make this display uncool, sort of like training wheels.
The exhibition space had a classic photo booth, these are becoming harder to find now days.
Templetons on billboards.
We lurked the sunny Spree for possible photo victims.
Our casually dressed photo competitors.
We snuck into the Berliner Dom via the crypt.
We made this guy's naughty list "fo sho"
Dome for days.
Accidentally woke this guy up.
"Huh, whaa?"
Then we climbed the stairs to check out the top of the dome.
The view.
Mrs. Claus?
This is where the dinner triangle is rung. Cue the Currywurst.
Tagged our love right onto the Church's dome.
 Back down to civilization.
 Headless souls in statue purgatory.
The Brandenburg Gate. 
Some serious sight seeing when down today. This place was swarming with tourists, freaks, protesting people from Yemen etc. Pretty much a photo boner worthy area.
Right down the street was the Holocaust memorial. Straight forward and solemn.
Buttery light for a couples photo though...
On the way to the Reichstag Ed mimes an improptu smith on a micro flat bar, mid pretzel mind you.
The world collectively Boo's at what went down in this building.
The wall cut through Berlin like a knife.
Its scar is visible throughout the city.


  1. Nice coverage of the Europe tour.
    In Berlin you never can be sure if it´s already art or still just bulk trash.
    Deanna´s snuffing Ed´s moobs?Funny shot.
    Palpatine has some big fn feet!

  2. European version of "Free" stuff on the corner?

    Crooked grind that car for a Target ad.
    Maybe P.Rod checks this blog. Signature back to school folders.

    I'm feeling the wood grain, Orange curtain,and metal trim.
    Soon there will be apps for things people didn't know existed.
    Even wikipedia articles on it:

    I wonder if the Casually dressed photo competitor can see his penis.