Monday, January 3, 2011

People on Streets - Da ba de da Day

I drove past this lady as she was dusting off her car like an antique on a shelf. I had to put the car in reverse to get a photo but missed the dusting action.
Black sheep living up to its name.
Anatomy of a Hager spot check.
Cody: "This skinny curved stucco hubba with heinous kink will grind for sure!"
Jared: "Fat crack before rail, check! Kink rail with no landing, perfect! Lets skate this shit, what are you waiting for?!"
As seen here the Hagers are an essential motivational tool for any skate session, nothing will stop them.
Some Long Beach ruffians look on with amazement.

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  1. Again, splendid pictures! And Under Pressure is a great song, David Bowie was THE very best. Freddie Mercury too, obviously.