Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Deadbeat Day-cation: Catalina MEGA POST!

The Deadbeat Club puts on its one Tommy Bahama shirt and goes to Santa Catalina for Devin, Erin and Nolan's first time
PS Clint was in Portland, the exact opposite of Catalina and Ashley was in LA
Da club trying to act chill with all the drug sniffing dogs around...
 "My toke bag!"
Human hamsters on the SS Dysentery
 Adios Long Beach you can keep your clouds
 Ed was on the lookout for Blue Whales in the channel
 I think our captain was drunk
Luckily we made it to Avalon
You know a place is good if Santa spends his summers there
Avalon excepts all kinds so its chill
 Avalon's greatest hits
 Be sure to book your Catalina visits with Tempster Tours
5 stars on Yelp and very knowledgeable
 Safety first
 Northbound toward Frog Rock, the proving ground for first timers
It will make or break a friendship
 Tempster sans Tevas
I think I have a dozen photos of Ed in this position
I need to find those
 Erin and Devin protect themselves from the sun with a mid 90s photo studio filter
 Chill tubes, the official aquatic vessel of girlfriends
A sensual strawberry insertion on the bow
 On our way to eat lunch we watched a sea lion eat his
 We reserved a table at a nice beach...
 ...over at Playa del Blanco
 Nolan and Ed ice their boys
JK they're looking for Leopard Sharks
 Native California vibes were at an all time high
 Lunch shrapnel
 Back in the cheap seats for Leopard shark watch
Look at the guy's shadow
I looks like Mickey Mouse's fingering flipping you off
 Some dad pulled up a Shovelnose Guitar fish on shore so the kids could play a few notes
"Play Freebird!"
 Erin and Deana's anti-sun club
 "Yea, so all you do is scallop the edges and you have yourself a nice bowl for cottage cheese"
 We tagged our name on the beach AND did a flip off the pier!
Take that you  fuck'n Boy Scouts!
 Live taffy twirling
 Its not delivery its...what is it?
 Interesting signage
 Art Deco mecca
 Inside the casino
 The Phantom of the Opera shops at Zara
 A loose eye brow
Some sea lion with a Bro Style shirt
The international symbol of good weather
 Stairway to Hell
The Led Zeppelin B side that never caught on
 Do they want us to Ghostride this whip?
 Devin admires a Micro Machine
 Checking the local obstical course
"I'd so smith grind up this thing!"
Some dogs drive like assholes
Catalina come up
 "Dude we got roached today"
 Whiffing the dank fun nugs
Take that drug dogs
 Interesting sleeping tactics were observed 
constant foot petting
We all deserved a rest after nailing it so hard that day

Yew 300th post!

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