Sunday, March 30, 2014

Travesura Tour Part 2

A long overdue continuation of Part 1 of the Travesura west coast tour...
First thing is first, Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.
Captain Crunch on a jelly filled doughnut? Im down.
Fruity Pebbles on a maple bar? fuck it!
 Vintage clutter at Hippo Hardware.
This place was a collage photographers wet dream.
 First thrift store of the trip, the fucking superstore in Portland.
 The thrift gods were smiling upon me. 
Mint condition Stylus back up to my back up camera.
 The Hagers were tired of being soggy from the rain and instinctively started a fire in the van.

 A little Heart and Soul action with Cody and Eric to boost moral at Kates house.
 Portland was starting to get to Jared so he let his inner warlock out.
When no one was looking Leo let his guard down and indulged in a Thai - Tini
 Josh Murphy highlights his best feature
 Travesura warms up the basement before the house party at Kate's.
 The Hagers ruled this trip. 
They drove us, set up shows, beat up lame dudes at the party, danced and moshed every night.
Sally flew up to hang with us in Portland and hooked us up with a mega suite at the Ace. 
Thanks Thrasher!
 Did a little Googling at breakfast...
 Drummer Mark airs out his crotch before the gig.
 Murphy tries out a new look while in Portland.
You can get away with any look here.
 Some empowering mom country rock band played before Leo and the boys went on.
 The essence of Travesura in Portland
 Welcome to Seattle
 This was the last show of the tour and we were all a little zorched by this point.
The band was slotted in the middle of a bunch of random bands and didnt play till late. There was also a ton of middle aged women having a birthday party at this gig making googly eyes at all the young men.
 Pack'n up after the 2 Bit Saloon
 A little tourist action the last day walking around Seattle.
 Cool streets to lurk around though.
 The mandatory Hager totem.
 Avant garde torso cloth
 Group shot before I left for the airport.
 Maximum leg room bitch!
Daily pier photo back in Orange County.

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