Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry JK Sorry

I totally neglected my blog like a baby left in a hot car with the windows rolled up.
Here is a film installment from back in September and October...maybe even earlier.
 Carl at the Newport river jetties getting ready fuck up some 2 foot high shore pound
 Chima Ferguson x Cat Power
 Daniel Lutherean and The Blackouts (Atiba & Ako Jefferson) with Neckface blacked out
Neckface rests his face on his neck
 Jackie chomps some fair corn
 BB and ET
 Collin and Slash mid Huuuaaah!?
 Dakota downs the Champagne like a kinked rail

Devin stimulates Matilda
"'bout to fuck this weird bird up!" - Matilda
 Matilda and Felix
Leo Romero likes the way he looks, I guarantee it.
 Pat "Twerk" Burke
 The formula to melt heats
 Billy Williams III 
He really does do bar mitzvahs and weddings.
 Spindrift at Alex's bar
They sound like the book Blood Meridian
Ed, Clint and Billy dive by shooting.

See you next post.

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