Friday, January 25, 2013


A day of photo assisting Nick Haymes in North Hollywood shooting RiFF RAFF for Dazed and Confused. Nick picked me up a Big Mini F while he was in Japan and this was the first test roll.
Tools of the trade.
"We're here to steal your soul"
Fresh, crispy, swag etc.
"Whats a 4 letter word for carpe diem?"
Who doesn't like ice with their coke?
Comes with the territory.
Future drops of rain.
Symbols of a culture.
"One trillion one..."
Jody, Thurman, and Sidney.
True story.
Anything is possible.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Summer's walk of shame.

Beep Boop Beep: Europeans detected.
Sadly...they are referring to me.
 "When my gondola is docked I like to feed the birds funnel cake."
"My friends don't have jobs either"
I always thought Hello Kitty was Japanese. 
Casual puppeteering.
From the womb straight to the web.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 M E G A   P O S T !
Ty played a sold out show for his home crowd in Orange County last month at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.
Touring for his third album of 2012 called Twins.
Ty really whipped the crowd into a frenzy.
Kids couldn't contain themselves and rushed the stage.
Some tough-guy bouncer pile drove some poor teenage waif off the stage and into the crowd. This caught everyone's attention.
"We're done if you pull that shit again"
After that it was pretty much no rules.
 "C'mon babe we're crowd surfing."
Stage divers colliding in mid air.
Girls getting their shirts ripped off.
 The teens were there to digitally absorb it all.
The band caried on unfazed by all the stage divers and dancers.
Big guys...
Shirtless bros...
First timers...
Dudes in drag. 
Actually it's Fletcher from The Garden.
"Dude I'm peaking so hard!"
The eye of the teenage hurricane.
"Here's my bra Ty... now do me!"
"I want a slaughterhouse so I can kill the pigs!"
The energy was high, this guy was higher.
Emily Rose Epstein kept the beat.
She used to intern at Thrasher Mag I hear...who's the Thrasher now?
...she plays barefoot too.
The stage turned into a house party show.
"Bunch of fuck'n long hairs!"
Charles Moothart delivers the Fuzz.
Sabbath encore.
Wave Goodbye!
A special thank you to Burger Records.
"I tweaked my wrist doing the devil horns."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cellular Discharge Part 2

Cell phone photos that were taken over the past 4 months and left to rot on my iPhone until now...
 Elijah Berle earned my vote for the best part in the slick new Pretty Sweet movie. Here is me breaking the news to him.
 Chill dawg! Part 1...
...and Part 2
"How does it feel to want?"
 Carl's birthday climax.
 My dad used to pull this one on me. Now I pass it on to Ashley.
Sampling some of Anthropologie's finest Shih Tzu furs.
 Straight to Ebay. Just move the decimal over two spaces.
Attention Bullies! Follow the chalk line to the nerds and beat them up.
 Psssh... straight into Uranus.
 Coming soon to some pubes near you.
Quite the quiver.
Having a laugh at the Hager's expense.
Bath and Liverpool represent.
Ain't no sall out!
 Ty Segall.
 Note the girl on her knees in ecstasy below him...
 Best show of the year. Mega post coming soon.
The Growlers had a 3 night stint at Alex's bar in Long Beach which also ruled. Check em out they're on a US tour right now. 
This house played techo Christmas songs and had the lights flicker to the beat of the song.