Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canadian Humor

iPhotos from a recent trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver for a photo assisting gig with Nick Haymes and

Vintage terrorism gets the kibosh.
 It was grey on grey for most of the time spent here. 
Not pictured: Moist mounties
 Sad sights from the Pacific Northwest.
 Our subject Claire aka Grimes showing us around town.
Granite and gasoline.
Nick on location wearing in his complementary liquor store beanie.
Colorist extraordinaire Daniel Moon.
BC's greatest hits in mural form.
Rainbows... embraced by homosexuals and wind surfers.
When the sun did come out the views were inspiring or whatever.
 Beauty is skin deep...and blood.
"There's a light that never goes out."
 Indestructible funny money from the future. 
Fun fact: Smells like maple syrup.
Eighter eh?
 Grant and Grimes.
 After hours coloring with Erika and Daniel.
 Canadian Americana.
 Poutine dream.
 No street boners.
 I'm pretty sure aliens are using our heads to advertize in their space toilets too so it all evens out.
 Emergency exit...poorman's first class.
Looking down below on the giant earth scar that is Los Angeles.

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