Tuesday, October 25, 2011

disposable camera: Camp Mackall

Just some bros, holding it down.
"Sup wit dat, my friend?"
Obama came and made sure things were chill.
But then things got heavy...

In 2006 I had a random job opportunity that fell into my lap. Being 19 years old and just moved out of my parents house I was feeling pretty adventurous at the time so I jumped at the opportunity. After a few background checks, some government clearance and a couple plane rides later I found myself at an army base in North Carolina. There were faux Iraqi villages amongst the pines with goats, chickens and bonfires a blaze. Soldiers ready for deployment were taking their final exam of engaging in mock battlefield scenarios with real Iraqi people and I was there to capture it all on video. Looking back at this experience I find myself wishing I was into shooting photos back then because of all the photo gold that was happening around me. At least I had the foresight to bring a disposable camera and here is the grainy proof.

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