Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NO AGE at The Strand

Dean and Randy
 This was my first introduction to the band No Age. They played a special show in the courtyard of The Strand hotel in Huntington Beach for all the surfers who were competing in the US Open. I was ignorant to their sound and had no preconceived notions on how their set would be. All I knew of the band is that they opened for Sonic Youth a couple of times, are Black Flag approved and are on the Sub Pop label. Well, needless to say their credentials don't lie. I was instantly won over by the power and intensity that this duo was able to produce.
Added bonus: they are super nice guys too. If they ever play a show in your hometown don't hesitate and go see them, I know I will.

Special thanks to this guy for getting us access to the surfer heavy show.


  1. Grant these are great!!!! I wished I would of stayed up front now!!!

  2. Yeah! Super rad photos & super rad night. Sicky icky rip the lippy!