Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beach Cities, Bikes and Burnouts

I watched this man on a mountain bike, companion in basket, J-skid to a stop, rip his cell phone out of his hip-holster and start firing away. All for what, a Peruvian flute ensemble?
"Dude, do you ever like... wonder how magnets work?"
"OMG! So and So looks so gorgeous! I'm gonna post this on my Facebook so everyone knows I was there. Jealous?"
"This inhale is for the kids"
This itch has been avoiding a scratch for way too long.


  1. Nice ICP reference.

    Digital mobs.

    First and last guy are basically wearing the same shoes.

  2. Ahh, you found the gas station from the photo. Now my photo isn't so special. What were you doing up the 36? Buying a pound of weed?

  3. Haha. My mom has some friends that live over there.

    Don't Smoke. Don't Drink. Don't Fuck. Don't have Fun.jk.