Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knee Deep in a Knuckle Sandwich

A shapely man with a full diaper.
Rob casually enjoys being groomed by stylist Mila.
I almost didn't post this because I could picture this being on an album cover of some shitty new rock/pop/electro fusion band.
 Father and son planting the flag at the summit.
This convertible brought swarm of day laborers in Laguna Beach.
"who here speaks English...and can install some sconce lighting for my breakfast nook?"
Saw this scene driving through the small town of Julian on a Tuesday.
"Shiittt, im bored! Gonna go throw some Buffalo Bill garb on and go loiter around town hall."
Hydesville, CA of the 36. 
Bigfoot country.


  1. soo..I got this shitty rock/pop/electro fusion band that needs a cover. And...

    Last photo. Totally know where that is. And have seen it in color.

  2. I shot that photo on the way to Eureka.

    So does your town have a permanent population of migrant crust punks or what?

  3. The diaper man goes by the name of Poody Rumpkins!