Friday, October 8, 2010

Eel River Valley

The ramp, the house, the Redwoods. My home for a few weeks, not bad.

Which way would Bob Frost have taken?
Sheesh, more trees. These trees were fast moving, note the motion blur.
Ive been staying well fed on the mountain, this revealing fish taco photo is proof. Probably the least flattering food photo I could have shot.
 There are plenty of animals here to keep us company/entertained.
Here Clayton gets Kai in a textbook throat hold pin.
Cuddly kittens are provided for the dudes who's girlfriends aren't around.
The dogs noticed that less attention was being payed to them...
They soon became visibly upset.


  1. !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    That kitten is the most cinnamon!! It looks like that Friskies cat (remember? Friskies feed the SENNNSSEESS!!!) Also, I'm so hungry right now and that fish taco looks so good...maybe I'll go get a KitKat bar to nibble on?

    I miss you!!! More photo updates!!

  2. I second your Ashley!!! More photo updates!!

  3. Humboldt?
    Enjoy the trees.
    Mini looks fun.