Sunday, June 13, 2010

Island Style

It was a sold out Friday on the Jet Cat to Catalina. Had to sit outside with all the other peons, bumming.
 Heard that.
The girl next to me barfed. Think of the smell of goldfish crackers with Parmesan cheese. 
 Things got a little heavy to handle, had to put the barf gloves on.
Ed and Deanna scooped us up and it was all smiles from there on.
Thought this little guy was a goner, upon closer inspection he was just relaxing. 
S'going on?
 The sea was chock full of action.
The seals were reaping all the benefits.
Stopped by frog rock to pay homage. It was at low tide so the water was only 5 feet were you land. Had to man up and borrow Ed's Teva sandals for the rocky impact.
Next thing I know, we're terrorizing the streets in our rented golf cart. The Tempster was dropping some heavy facts along the way.
Scoped the skate park and hit the bank, of course.
 We hit the slopes after that. 
"Over there beyond the dock is Lovers Cove, and that shrub to the right of us is called a Catalina Manzanita"
Ashley couldn't resist the lure of the blooming Bougainvillea.
We stopped to check the newly installed Zip Line.
Looks like you'd be scorching down that canyon.
Some hippie tried to give us flowers. 
 We ended the day with some skeeball at the arcade, earned mad tickets!
 So long!

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  1. I didn't even get one ticket for skee ball =/