Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm a 90s kid!...Well I was born in '99

Thrift stores: The drug dealer for hoarders
Great even mother nature is using fucking emojis
 Tie die trying
 The new Nike Derelict Dunks I waited 24 hours for on Fairfax.
 Blood on the Tracks
 Shadow (fore)play
 Jim Greco's House of Hammers is actually filled with hammers
 Muff, now trending
 "I'm now on a cholo-calorie diet"
 The irony of the running shoe
 "Its not gay, its cross training"
Teenage vacuum

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Salad Days Are Gone

Life's a beach where you only live once
 The new beef jerky stand and the end of the pier
 All you can peck bagel buffet
Sometimes I forget I live at the beach
 Shift hit the fan
 Neighborhood watch
 Johnny and Collin charge it to the game
 Ashley and Josh share a taste for the sparkle
 ...for adorable
 Vivian Maier's show from Feb.
Her discovery makes me wonder who else is/was out there?
 The windless evenings and winter swells are gone
Here's looking forward to summer
My work horse...sometimes I worry she'll be gone soon.
These are getting harder to find...
This board is older than me
 Finer things with Dan Lu
A study in personal grooming