Friday, February 14, 2014

Travesura Tour Part 1

In January I tagged along with Travesura, Josh Murphy and the Hager bros to document their tour of the Pacific North West.
 Arrived at the castle door at 10am sharp via Hager drawn motor carriage.
 Power nap on the bland stretch of the I-5.
 Leo gets all Lil' John on us
 Extinguishing a bum house fire. 
Photo by Jared Hager
 Hager hangover spirit animal
 Collecting last nights loot.
Inspired by Bad Shit we bombed some SF hills in the 350 looking for Busenitz and Stranger. 
4 am, burning bright
Me and Stranger, out all night
Bomb Delores in the rain
Sleeping on a beach in Spain

JK we weren't inspired
 I fucked up numerous group photos while getting this panorama.
Notice Mark getting help up on the ledge in the bottom left corner.
 Absorbing the scenery with the talent.
Leo, Mark and Eric.
 Cody Hager wall bashing bigfoot's dick.
 Music to smash your face to provided by Travesura.
 Cool set up at the Proof Lab in Mill Valley, CA. 
Home of the puffy vest and turtle neck look.
 The aftermath of the aforementioned face smashing.
 Mark gets uncomfortable with our gracious host Sally.
Some people request teeth...
 Swagged off at Thrasher Magazine. 
Thanks Mark...I mean Sally!
 Fully Housed!
I never watched the show but I did watch it through the intro enough to recognize these houses.
The first Hager totem of the trip
 Domicile drive by
 The always photogenic Mark.
Babies always fall asleep in the car.
 Josh and Eric aren't afraid of some skin on skin bonding.
 The man of steel hustling in Eureka, CA
"Yo dawg dat herb is like my kryptonite"
 Heavy bonding before the Oregon border.
Cody (sans poncho) getting all Bodhisattva on us and waits for his set.
 Leo wants a piece of the Crag
 Not quite in Oregon yet so we didn't bust out the hacky sack. 
The frisbee will do for now.
Then we fucked this tree with our Ford. 
And the crowd goes wild!
They pump...while we dunk.
Cody makes a fool of nature and organizes that shit for thee-ats.
No man is an island.
Contunued in part II...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hashtag My Life

 Avedon at the Gagosian (gah-go-se-an)
 Rain is a novelty in California.
So is a fedora and a cane but if you're old its cool I guess...
 Activate Johnson & Johnson no more tears
 Face hack
 The Mattson 2 + Ray Barbee = guitar face
 Casualty of Rock
 Carpool scarecrow aka scarecop?
 Premium wash on an unleaded budget
 Tempster was here...
 ...and on a strangers iPhone.
"Tag me in the photo credit lady!"
 Font row sleeping
 "They hang'n through the bathroom window"
 Observe this!
 Deadbeat Club lessons in InDesign
 Photo black bitch!
 Ed does an encore of his famed accordion song.
 Let the face jacking of the Panno-Glitch commence!
 Dem eyes doe
 Tempster totem
 Lowrider Briggs
Bang muncher
 The Chongo
 Channeling her inner islander