Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Mega film coverage from the Growlers annual Beach Goth Party at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. 

Brooks with the anti-stance
Sign the waver, doesn't matter he's already dead.
 Curtis Harding rides the silver bullet
 "Come play with us" in the water
Too tall Nolan Hall gets spit out of the barrel with mustache still intact.
The Abigails "Ain't Nothing To Me"
 Dom with total freak commitment
Brooks and Melisa
 Tomorrows Tulips brings the party onstage...
 ...where Al Knost cuts loose.
I think he immediately regretted this but everyone in attendance was truly grateful for it.
"Did you see that shit?!"
Nolan was stoked on seeing the ultimate expression of Rock N' Roll live.
RIP vintage Fender Strat
It didn't go down without a fight though
Thee Rock N' Roll souvenir
 The crowd waited with baited breath for the next band.
 The Cosmonauts descended to earth to rock our earthling faces off
 Derrick lets his 12 string sing
Coming soon to a runway near you...
Hedi Slimane was on the sidelines documenting and taking notes.
Sharks were circling the stage waiting for The Growlers to go on.
Bumble bee Brooks belts out the blues
While Matt keeps in cool in crushed velvet
 Prison yard pit cam
"I wore a condom tonight expecting to get laid"
Stay hard, don't waist it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mega film coverage from the Growlers annual Beach Goth Party at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.
 Encouragement for the youth
 Straight into the sweaty den of the Constellation room to see The Garden...

 ...where teenage musk fogged my lens.
 Taunting the fans with their androgynous looks
 Everybody wants a piece of the Saint Laurent models...
They got the knucks of approval. 
Its the 'like button' of the real world.
After the all the mosh shrapnel settled people were able to locate their lost possessions
"Brittney? are you under here?"
Some were lucky enough to grab a piece of rock ephemera...
...others were bored to death
Birds of a feather
Gap Dream got all sythy playing their new album Shine your Light.
Seattle's Night Beats
Meanwhile outside in the teen smoker school yard
"What? I just vant to party!"
"Quick somebody grab the garlic and drive a steak through this kid!"
"I'm out for blood"

Boarder hopping, sombrero wearing walking stereotype.
The Mystic Braves went on stage let it all hang out much to our dismay
The night before this girl was blocking the entrance to the photo pit and denied my entry. She edged me out like she was playing defense for a rebound.
Aint no one fuck'n with dat

NOTE: Photo quality compromised due to Blogger's uploader.

Part two coming soon...

Monday, November 11, 2013

I have a website

I have a new space on the web for my photos to live.
Fully organized for your viewing pleasure. 
Hyperlinks! Slideshows! Information!

Eventually you will go there for my blog. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Your mom's snacks are wack she brings the cheese without the mac

 Apple picking in Julian. 
They pick up all the apples that fall on the ground and put them in charming containers to fool the city slickers into eating ground fruit
 An apple?
 We also went bobbing for apples, nice day.
Our picnic by the local tumbleweed museum
Our bad
 Still don't get it
Bouffant doo
 The lure of Bubble Man
All the rolls I could have been shooting if I didn't use my iPhone