Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ashley and I arrived at LAX 3 hours early for our flight to London, from there we caught a connecting flight to our final destination in Copenhagen, Denmark for the start of our month long Euro barge with the Templetons.
After zipping through a dead international terminal on a Monday we had 2 hours and 45 minutes to kill. Here Ashley handles some last minute style blogger biz...
"No I won't do an American Apparel add, its all classless raunch."
She then tests her new Euro rape whistle.
Nothing left to kill but time itself.
Darkness falls, time for our flight.
So long, Long Beach.
Woke up over an icy Atlantic. 
The next morning we met up with the Templetons and went over to the Nils Staerk Gallery to help Ed hang his show. 
Once there we did very little helping. 
Here Deanna measures twice and nails once.
"A little to the,no stage left!"
Art was oozing out of the gallery, whether it knew it or not.
Ashley and I decided to take a break form all the labor and cruise around the local brewery, Carlsberg.
 Behind the brewery is what appeared to be a skate park.
Where local children made cute chalk drawings.
Ashley gave the course a run. 
Here she pulls a frontside parka button down to fakie.
I saw that the turf was claimed by the Sk8 Rasta crew. 
They must have been too high to skate that day.
We met back up with the Templetons and perused some more of Copenhagen, big and small.
Looks like facial hair is dominating some new terrain on faces over here.
Speaking of dominating faces...
"Nice rhinestone zit above your lip."
Centrum Hotel, now with no fear.
Enough funny business, Copenhagen had a lot of beauty to offer.
Old churches were everywhere. Copenhagen is not  very religious so they turn some of their old churches into what ever they want. This one was part restaurant part art space.
This guy is still along for the ride.
"What? Its a restaurant now? Do they offer a senior discount?"
We wondered our way into some Royal courtyard where the guards were apparently off duty. We played our American ignorance card and fooled around with the guard towers.
We are loving this place and that was only the first day.

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