Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Days of Copenhagen

 We scooted by the Danish stock exchange building on the way to visit Christiania, the ultimate commune of Copenhagen.
Peeped/rolled around the mini-ramp inside the hippie compound. Biggity woaaaah!

All sorts of shrineage built where ever. Anything goes here. Note the caboose in the background and under that sheet is an Arc, trust me.

The main drag of Christiania was prohibiting anyone from shooting photos of what they were selling but I will let your imagination run wild. Here is what I think was a school house, or maybe just a house. A lot of buildings here were transformed into living spaces and or whatever space a free spirited individual might need space for...basket weaving? adult finger painting? Hacky sacking?
Woaaaahhh Nelly! Is that a Leica?
 Ashley soaks in the greenery and the laid back vibe. But not too much soaking, I don't want her growing dreadlocks on me.
Free cage rides for the kids.
The next stop was Tivoli, the epic theme park of Copenhagen. Home to one of the worlds oldest roller coaster that I neglected to take a photo of. I did ride it though, nailed it!
Thomas and Ed search for a lost bouncy ball that Thomas won from an Archery game. Insert Tiny Tim reference here.
Spotted a fun shaped hubba. 
You all know what Ed would do down this.
I heard a slurping noise and ran over to check out what it was. It was just a lonely man feeding his friends. Carp, the freshwater garbage men.
Lured in like moths to light.
Clowns...where does the fascination come from Europe?
We started the day off with a classic Euro breakfast courtesy of our Hotel...well this was Ashley's plate.
Hard boiled eggs for days here.
Interneting it up in our room before our train to Berlin. Ain't my bed, my shoes are all over that shit.
We rolled down to the train station, luckily it was right down the street.
Ashley waits for the choo-choo.
 The beautiful scenery flew by on our way out of Denmark.
 Snacks for the ride.
 Our train rolled onto a ship to cross over into Germany. Apparently there is a train / ship pact I was not aware of.
Berlin bound.
 The view out of the hotel window.
More Berlin photos to come!

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