Friday, May 20, 2011

The Geneva Connection

Apparently Geneva is home to some exclusive club.
Here are some of the club members' banners.
We checked out a botanical garden that housed some flora and fauna of the world.

Junkie porn.
 These grow like weeds where I come from and can only exist in a greenhouse here.
Some youth ponder on the limited amount of water these plants need to survive.
"How long can they survive without cereal?"
 Spoiler alert! Tortoise wins.
 Mr. Sad Eyes
 Nice coat, looks expensive.
"Whatca thinking about?"
Some inter-specie mingling
 Speaking of inter-specie mingling.
 Nothing to see here, just an alien walking his cat.
"Bro, we shouldn't have had that Indian food last night."
We water taxied back across Lake Geneva to the main drag.
The world's largest bidet.

Barrels full of St. Bernard's, Swiss Cheese, Army Knives and Swatch Watches.
Our time in Geneva was short but sweet. 

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