Monday, May 16, 2011

Berlin There Done That Acts 2 and 3

Ed scopes out more things in Berlin for us to nail.
First on the list, Starbucks! 
Ashley washes down her codine with an iced mocha.
Strapped on and ready to go.
Checkpoint Charlie, brought to you by McDonald's!

Some things went down here.
The Topography of Terror. 
Note 'the wall' still standing behind the displays.
Inside was a photo history of ignorance.
"Na, na" this guy seems to suggest with his cross armed stance.
SS concentration camp officers being busted during the closing of the war.
More busting. 
I was amazed to find that some of these SS Nazi's served 10 years and were released on good behavior. Some were even sentenced to life, had a re-trail and got off scott free. This exhibit raised a lot of questions for me.
We came across a sweet Os Gameos mural while lurking deep in the streets.
Ed stopped by a local book store to sign some of his Seconds Pass books. 
Employee: "Yes, write in all of these books that I am holding....and the pallet in the back."
Ed: "Whaaa?"
Ashley can make anything look good.
Knee braces, the hot new look for Spring?
The next day we nailed the Pergamon Museum.
"We took this from Greece"
We were asked not sit on the steps but all the "olds" got to anyway.
The inevitable swastika.
"Over here please, more to see."
The Gates of Babylon.
Painstakingly unearthed, each tile numbered and reassembled for your enjoyment.
Blue boy group.
"It belongs in a museum!"
Ancient shredded wheat? Na, its a micro inscribed tablet bra!
Behind the black curtain was the "Positions of Old" section.
Next door was a Raymond Pettibon exhibition, viewing was mandatory.
Ray's two cents.
File Berlin under Nailed It, Geneva is coming in hot.

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