Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tropical B&W

All of the photos below came from 1 roll of film from my trip to the Philippines.
A curious peeker gets a glimpse of 'Joe American.'
Relentless heat, humidity and staring.
 Plenty of time for make up in the brutal Manila traffic.
 The ice cream make sold fun flavors such as sweet corn, cheese and Ube, which is made from purple yams.
 The town of Guagua, Pampanga.
What was finger licking good to some can be unfamiliar and intimidating to others.
 Transportation was always a group effort.
I did a lot of shooting from the car on this trip.
 Vendors roamed the streets through traffic and were dodged like road cones.
School uniforms are worn from elementary to college.
 I was constantly looking toward the heavens for something savory to eat. As it turns out it only exists on buildings.
 The only time I could capture people without staring at me was from a car window.
"Hey you! Emancipate yourself from your cellular ball and chain."

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  1. All the photos are great, but the first one is perfection!!!!! Can't wait to see more!