Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paradise Lost & Found

 We made a full stop at Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna, a town 2 hours south of Manila, for some island style R&R.
 Our bungalow for the night under the coconut palms.
 Every pool was warmed by the body heat of Korean tourists.
 A babbling brook with the tropical "kaa kaaaaws" of birds sounding in the distance.  
Ahhh, paradise.
 One of the pools from the sign.
 Bungalow row.
 Ashley captures paradise in pixels.
 A bridge over troubled water, minus the trouble.
 A desire trail.
 Glorified goldfish.
 Ash dawning her tropical camouflage.
 An album title and a warning on the trail to Hidden Falls.
"Woaaaaah! we're half way there!"
 No one was in line for the Indiana Jones ride. We practically walked right on.
 Another pool on the trail to the Falls. Apparently Lovers pool gets no love.
 A natural pool/mosquito farm.
 You see those fish in the water? Those are the janitor fish that suck the glass of your aquarium.
 Ashley didn't listen to TLC when they told her not to chase waterfalls.
 Looking back.
 Hidden Falls.
 Back to the bungalow.
 Counting the birthday pesos of Ashley's lola.
 The riches of an 80 year old.
 Rainforest Cafe? 
We dined jungle style al fresco under the stars with a buffet full of western flavors. A temporary lapse from the Exile of Deliciousness Tour.
 The aforementioned stars.
 Jimmy Buffet live.
 Ash patiently waits for a slice of the savory.
 Table side acoustic entertainment. 
It is official, everyone in the world loves "Hotel California."
 She sips with a Vulcan grip.
Goodnight to balmy 80 degree nights. 
Part of my morning ritual included peeling my bed sheet away from my body like a decal.

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