Sunday, December 26, 2010

OC's Finest

Downtown Disney, a great place to lurk.
Updating Facebook with a frosted finger-tip. 
Status: OMG free cupcakes!
 Some overindulgence in Huntington Beach. You'll figure it out one day young lady.
and The Beast.


  1. "Status: OMG free cupcakes!"
    You must really hate people.

    Are those Rowley vans?

    Not so beastly if you're into furries.

  2. haha I dont hate people, just poking fun at Facebook and smart phone users. Sometimes I see people living their lives on their phones, mostly the tweens and teens of today.

  3. I was at a Baptism party yesterday night. There was this girl wearing White Nike Cortez with a pink swoosh.(Mexican party) Anyway, she was staring at her phone kinda doing a limp dance the whole time.

  4. lol @ jgonz last comment. passed out in HB. classic.