Friday, December 31, 2010

Where Pavement Turns to Sand

Another New Years out in Chihuahua Valley. It's almost a tradition now to gather up a posse and head out of the city to visit Jordon and Sadie's country spread. Where the nights are icy and the warm sulfur water slides out of the earth. Here Benny guards Sadie's bus.
Some landmarks luring you to stop along the long stretches of the 79 south.
Josh and myself cruising up Chihuahua Valley road. I'm not driving of course.
Josh and Paola wake up with a cup and a game of fetch. 
Cute animals are par for the course here.
Sadie prepares to water.
Cactus eat'n, grit smoke'n, shit kick'n, animal love'n, one of a kind badass couple.
Jordon and Sadie 2009.

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  1. LOVE these pictures. Happy New Year!
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