Monday, June 2, 2014

Deadbeat Club Field Trip Day 1

iPhone documentaion of the Deadbeat Club's invasion of San Francisco for the Field Trip show at Seeing Things San Jose
 Ashley and I cleared the sea wall at SFO and made it into the bay area
 Right into the heart of Market where bums have iPhones
 Pipe circumcision right on the street
 "Livin'n it up when im goin' down"
 Inspecting peoples pores at the Katy Grannan show
 "This girl is on fire!"
Photo hanging inspiration
 Urban yin yang
 Mt. Upload
 Devin finds a busty wench
 Ed finds some early 00's soft core
 A couple of Twihards
 "Fuck yo couch"
 Scenes inside the white glove mansion
 Selfies hitting a new low
The Tempster logs on in the Sunset
We out here...
Part 2 and maybe 3 coming soon!

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  1. This is fucking great. I just ate chicken and had a biscuit for desert.