Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mega film coverage from the Growlers annual Beach Goth Party at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.
 Encouragement for the youth
 Straight into the sweaty den of the Constellation room to see The Garden...

 ...where teenage musk fogged my lens.
 Taunting the fans with their androgynous looks
 Everybody wants a piece of the Saint Laurent models...
They got the knucks of approval. 
Its the 'like button' of the real world.
After the all the mosh shrapnel settled people were able to locate their lost possessions
"Brittney? are you under here?"
Some were lucky enough to grab a piece of rock ephemera...
...others were bored to death
Birds of a feather
Gap Dream got all sythy playing their new album Shine your Light.
Seattle's Night Beats
Meanwhile outside in the teen smoker school yard
"What? I just vant to party!"
"Quick somebody grab the garlic and drive a steak through this kid!"
"I'm out for blood"

Boarder hopping, sombrero wearing walking stereotype.
The Mystic Braves went on stage let it all hang out much to our dismay
The night before this girl was blocking the entrance to the photo pit and denied my entry. She edged me out like she was playing defense for a rebound.
Aint no one fuck'n with dat

NOTE: Photo quality compromised due to Blogger's uploader.

Part two coming soon...

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