Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sausage Fest

Photos from Griffin's bachelor party up in Big Bear, CA.
 I paid for this photo by getting my index finger sliced open. 
I couldn't play any campfire songs the whole weekend.
 "You'll shoot your eye out kid"
 "Fuck yeah I will!"
 Biggity woaaaah Rob!
 Ire flip
 Grif teases Rob with some toe garnish on the way up to the cabin.
 Matt B was there already performing his favorite pastime.
 "Lets make bacon!" Josh excitedly suggests at 1:30AM.
 The smell of meat stressed Rob out and he had to go outside and blow off some steam.
 "Wakey wakey eggs and bakey"
This kept us from being hung over the next morning.
 Early next morning I woke up to birds chirping, country songs and handsome men. 
Gay cowboy heaven, hell for some.
 High altitude
 Grif's casual shooting stance. 
He found out later on the trip that he is a lefty.
 90 degree heat on the mountain with 100% chance of boo-ya!
 Carl orginized this sausage fest for Griffin and kept us fed and happy the whole time. 
What a best man. Now available for your next wedding...
 Getting literal
 Future biologist Rob Straser gets totally bio!
 Thanks for letting us use your cabin Geoff.
 Our corn holes were filled
 I was mesmerized by all the bugs outside tripping out on the lights. 
I estimate I spent at least a half an hour the whole trip watching bugs.
 An offering to single Griffin.
Back down the mountain toward our girlfriends.

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