Sunday, February 12, 2012

Memory Card-inal Sin

 Some digital photos from a trip in 2009.
Orphans of all ethnicities. 
 Hatfield/Picasso collab.
The inner desires of Kevin Barnett.
 "I don't always drink beer, but when I do...I will fucking rob you!"
 "Psssst, Can I have a go?"
 "Now poke thine corpse."
 Gaudí's Christ reference.
 Map boy.
 The procession of unfamiliarity.
Warhol at the Grand Palais in Paris.
 Those kewpie eyes may say "goo goo, ga ga" but those rosie cheeks and lack of board control suggest he's drunk.
Parisian Enforcement. Not pictured: Baguette baton.

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